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Mukta:Drug of Animal Origin used in Ayurvedic Medicines

Yogesh Shivaji Chavan and Atul Vitthal Patil

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Mukta (Pearl) is a shining pearly white hard object found in some sea shells. Due to its attractive appearance it is widely used in jewelry, cosmetics as well as in stylish clothing. Pearl is also considered as ratna or gemstone corresponding to planet moon. Pearl is formed by deposition of several concentric layers of calcium carbonate and conchiolin around central nucleus. A Pearl which spontaneously occurs in nature usually on sea shores is called as Natural Pearl. Cultured pearl or artificial pearl is formed after human intervention in natural pearl formation. Round shaped pearl is considered as good but round pearl is rare. An oval and other shape of pearl is usually found. Uses of Pearl in ayurvedic medicine are mentioned since time of charaka and sushruta. In Rasashastra classics Pearl is mentioned in Ratnavarga. Mukta or pearl is having sheeta, Madhur, laghu properties. Hence beneficial to cure pitta and kapha vitiated diseases. Purification and incineration processes are also mentioned in Rasashastra classics which makes pearl more potent to cure diseases. Mukta is very useful in Amlapitta, Jwara, Chhardi, trishna, Daah diseases.