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Assessment of the Antinociceptive effect of a Folklore Plant: TiliacoraacuminataMiers

AnjalyDas V, N.Manojkumar and R. Remadevi

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

TiliacoraacuminataMiers (syn:TiliacoraracemosaColebr)is a Menispermaceae member commonly seen as a weed. It is a common plant used in folklore medicine as an antidote to snake venom. It is also known to be used by some traditional practitioners in conditions like vatakandakam. Antinociceptive study was done in Balb/c mice in acetic acid induced writhing reflex model. Aspirin was used as the standard drug in a dose of 100mg/kg body wt. The test drug was administered in three different doses- 125mg/kg body weight, 250mg/kg body weight and 500mg/kg body weight. The assessment was done by counting the number of writhings in 20 minutes. The antinocicepive study showed significant reduction in the number of writhings in all the test drug treated groups when compared to the control group. But none of the test drug treated groups showed results comparable with that of the standard drug.