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Literature Review on Dhatupaka and VividhNyaya

Shilpa Yadav and P.U. Deshmukh

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ayurvedic Scholars have universally accepted that the dhaatus (nutrients) are nourished one after another through dhatupaka and aahara rasa provides nourishment to all the dhatus. But there are different doctrines about the mode of nourishment of different Dhatus of the body. All these doctrines are explained by the commentators like Chakrapanidalhana and Arundutta etc. for the same without giving the details there upon. These DhaatuparinamaNyayas are 1. KsheeraDadhinyaya. 2. Kedarakulyaanyaya. 3. Khalekapotanyaya. 4. EkakalaDhatuposhanasiddhantha. 5. Samanvyasiddhantha. The last doctrine was propounded by modern physiologists. So here we will discuss Dhatupaka and these nyayas in detail.