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A Single Case Study of Psoriasis, which responded well to Panchatikta ghrita as a Shamana Therapy

Namrata K. Shah, L.B. Singh and P U Vaishnav

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Introduction: A 60-year old male patient with confirmed diagnosis of psoriasis presented to OPD in PD Patel Ayurvedic Hospital for Ayurvedic treatment. He was treated as a part of clinical study (thesis work) for one month (a prescribed duration for the study) and managed well with Panchatikta ghrita(given in shamana dose) despite being steroid-dependent. Follow up was done for the period of 2 weeks after completion of the treatment. Case presentation: This 60-year old patient presented to our hospital with the complaints of severe scaling with severe itching and burning sensations on entire body for more than 4 years duration. The case was a diagnosed case of steroid-dependent psoriasis and despite taking steroid his complaints continued unabated when he approached for Ayurvedic treatment. Management and outcome: Before starting the Ayurvedic treatment the patient was examined thoroughly keeping Ayurvedic principles of treatment in mind. He was put on Panchatikta ghrita for one month and then Manjishthadi kvatha and Kaishore Guggulu for the following two weeks. He was advised to observe certain do’s and don’ts regarding his diet and routine during the treatment and subsequent two months. At the end of one month period the patient showed very promising results with > 90% relief in all his complaints.