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A Case Study of Idiopathic Proteinuria Successfully Managed With Āyurvedic Treatment

Nilesh B Italiya, Manish V Patel, S N Gupta and Tapankumar M

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

A 35 years old male patient came to P D Patel Ayurveda Hospital, Nadiad with the complaints of periorbital puffiness on face, pedal edema, weakness, anorexia and massive proteinuria since last 45 days. He was treated with Āyurvedic drugs as an outdoor patient for 6 months period. Āyurvedic preparations like Varuṇādi kvātha, Haritkyādi kvātha, Gokṣurādi guggulu, and Tablet Uricare, Bhūmyāmalakicurṇa and Rasāyana cūrṇa were given. After 6 months of treatment patient responded very well through Āyurvedic management without need of hospitalization, human albumin infusion and cortico-steroid medicaments. All of his complaints like, pedal edema, weakness, lack of appetite and puffiness of the face disappeared.