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A Case Study OF CCF Successfully Managed with Āyurvedic Treatment

Hardik J Patel, Manish V.Patel, S.N Gupta and Tapankumar M

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

A 47 years old housewife women from Karnataka state of India, already diagnosed as CCF (Congestive cardiac failure) by cardiologist since 5 months and having ascites, pleural effusion, breathlessness of grade 3, orthopnea, cough and massive pedal edema which suggest bilateral heart failure,was hospitalized in P D Patel Ayurvedic hospital, Nadiad for one month period. She was treated with Ayurvedic preparations pūnarnavādikvātha, arjunacūrṇa, śhṛṅgabhasma and śvetaparpaṭī. After 4 weeks of treatment, patient was well responded with the treatment and could stop the allopathic medicines with which she did not have a satisfaction. Edema and other signs were totally disappeared. Abdominal girth was reduced that suggest the improvement in ascites. Hepatomegaly and peritoneal fluid were also reduced in ultrasonography of abdomen after the 4 weeks of treatment.