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An Evaluation of the Efficacy of Tapyadi Loha in Garavishajanit Pandu

Janki Gajjar, Ruta Kadam, Hemal Trivedi and Dimple

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The frequent and consistent intake of Viruddhahar also correlated as Garavisha by Vagbhatacharya causes vitiation of the Dosha especially Pitta Dosha further resulting in vitiation of Dhatu and the inappropriate formation of Aahar Rasa. This ultimately leads to Dhatukshaya especially Raktakshaya and subsequently manifests as Pandu showing symptoms of Agnimandya, Aruchi, Daurbalya, Shvasa, Jvara, Gaurav etc. Forty patients were diagnosed with Garavishajanit Pandu on the basis of a special questionnaire and case report form. They were subjected to clinical trials conducted at Bharati Vidyapeeth Medical Foundation’s Ayurved Hospital and Research Center, Pune. They were randomly allotted by lottery method to Control or Trial group of 20 patients each. IEC clearance and Informed consent were taken prior to commencement of study. Both groups were administered Avipattikar Churna as Mridu shodhan for the first 7 days as premedication. Trial group was administered the Tapyadi Loha at Vyanodan Kala whereas Control group received Tab.Raricap once daily for 30 days each. Appropriately graded Subjective and objective parameters were assessed on a weekly basis. Significant results were noted in Agnimandya, Aruchi, Jvara, Gaurava, Angamarda, Shvasa, Akshikuta Shotha in both groups as also Hb% and RBC count using appropriate tests for statistical analysis.