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Pandu Roga in Sarngadhar Samhita

Preetimayee Sahoo

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pandu roga in Ayurveda is considered as a condition where ‘pandutwam’ or pallority is seen in the skin. In general this condition is seen in case of anaemia. Sarangdhar samhita is a treatise from lesser triad (Laghutrayee) including Bhavaprakash nighantu, Sarangdhar samhita and Madhav nidan. We often tend to ignore these in clinical practice giving more emphasis on the treatise of greater triad (Brihatrayee) i.e. Charak samhita, Sushrut Samhita and Astanga hridaya. Acharya Sarngadhar in his text has enumerated the disease as 5 in number and no further description about the disease can be seen anywhere. Instead he has mentioned a number of medicaments against Pandu roga some of which had proved themselves to be highly efficacious. He had also described the Panchakarma therapies among which Virechana karma is considered as appropriate for Pandu rogi. He has also contraindicated Vaman karma, Dhumapana and Raktamokhyana in Pandu. Sarngadhar samhita had been proved to be a good handbook for the students as well as the physicians. Further studies can be done on these preparations so that their efficacy in the disease can be proved scientifically by taking some parameters like subjective sign and symptoms or haematological values.