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Ayurvedic Management of Buerger’s Disease With Special Reference to Vatapittaja Gambhira Vatarakta-A Case Study

Ambika Dhiman, Sukumar Nandigoudar and S.K.Hiremath

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Thromboangiitis obliterans or Buerger's disease is a recurring progressive inflammation and thrombosis (clotting) of small and medium arteries and veins of the hands and feet. Based on the clinical manifestation we can correlate with Vata pittaja Gambhira vatarakta, which is characterized by Vidaha (burning senasation), Tivra Vedana (pain), Atisweda (excessive sweating), Trishna (excessive thirst), Paka (necrosis), Bheda (tearing type of pain), Sparsha asahatwa (tenderness).In contemporary science, Antiplatelet medicine and amputation of affected part are the main line of treatment. In Ayurveda Rakthamokshana, Virechana, Basti and shamana chikitsa can be adopted as per predominance of Dosha , Roga and Rogi Bala. We report a patient who approached the OPD of KLE Ayurveda Hospital with chief complaints of Daha and Tivra Vedana in both hands. Patient had wound in his left little and index finger since 10-20 days for which he was successfully treated with Raktamokashana,Virechana Karma, Basti and Shaman Chikitsa.