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Pharmaceutical Preparation of Kanji using Combined Methodologies of Bhava Prakash’s Kanji and Sharandhar Samhita’s Shandaki

Neelam Choudhary

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Kanji – A unique Ayurvedic fermentative preparation was prepared as per the textual reference Bhava Prakash which is mainly indicated for the Shodhana (purification) of Metals and also for various mercurial processing. In this article, we have prepared Kanji using mixed methodology of Bhava Prakash’s Kanjik and Sharangdhar Samhita’s Shandaki preparation methods. Mixed methodology is comparatively complicated as compared to either methods but Kanji prepared by mixed method is comparatively more acidic than that prepared by either method. Kanji prepared is of light yellowish color, sour in taste with pH of 1.9. There was no fungal growth seen at any stage of preparation.