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Pharmaceutical Preparation of Sameera Pannaga Rasa under Standard Temperature Conditions

Neelam Choudhary

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In Ayurveda, Kupipakwa rasayana kalpana is the most popular, unique and highly significant pharmaceutical preparation of the suddha parada and suddha gandhaka and is prepared in kachkupi (glass bottle). Sameera Pannaga Rasa is an arsenal mercurial formulation mentioned in Rasa Chandanshu. It is a Kupipakwa Rasayana containing heavy metal contents such as Parada (Hg), Somala (As2O3), Haratala (As2S3) and Manahshila (As2S2). It is mentioned in Rasa Chandanshu in which Manahshila is not a component and later on it has been added by Ayurveda Aaushadhi Guna Dharma Shashtra. It is a very effective medicine and has been used extensively for Tamaka Shwarsa (bronchial asthama) type of Shwasa Roga. In the rasa classics sameera pannag rasa has its own significant role to eliminate the doshas4 like Tridoshagn, Sandhivata, Unamad, Shwas (Bronchial asthma), kasha (cough), Jwar, Pneumonia, etc. In this article, Sameera Pannaga Rasa is prepared using references mentioned in AFI in the standard laboratory and temperature conditions. While preparing Sameera Pannaga Rasa standard temperature conditions are maintained and necessary precautions are maintained during each stage. The Sameera Pannaga obtained was brick-red in colour and total yield was 150 grams which included 100 gms of Talastha and 50 gms of Kanthastha. Finally, we have presented the pharmaceutical preparation of Sameera Pannaga Rasa with special reference to the different temperature stages during its preparation.