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A Short Review on KshudraRoga

Hriday Pathak, S.K.Chakravarty and Kanika Goswami

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The skin is the largest protective organ of the body between the external environment and internal environment of the body. It has several layers and appendages. The diseases which manifest on the skin is called skin disorders. In Ayurveda the skin disorders are described under the heading of kustharoga .Kustharoga is mainly two types-kshudrakustha and mahakustha. Khudrakusthais 11 types and Mahakustha is 7 types. But all these types of kustha do not include all the skin diseases. So the remaining skin disorders are collectively included under the heading of kshudraroga. The kshudrarogas include maximum common skin disorsers of skin and skin appendages of human. Description of Kshudraroga was found in different ancient book. But the number, name and description vary according to author. Here number, name and brief identity of the khudrarogas are described according to different author.