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Clinical Study on the Role of Nirgundi Patra Pinda sveda and Shallaki in the Management of Sandhivata (Osteoarthritis)

Hetal D. Vyas, Haresh B. Ruparelia and Gurdip Singh

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Sandhivata (Osteoarthritis) is a degenerative disease and mainly occurs in old age. Acharya charka had mentioned that this disease is created by DhatuKshaya and Margavarodha. The man has paid price for standing on his limbs in the form of osteo-arthritis of weight bearing joint of the body. The animals are not suffering from this disease commonly as man. In modern medicine, it is reported that these degenerative changes in joints arise from the age of 30 years till the age of 65 years. Eighty percent of thepeople have radiographic evidence of osteo-arthritis and only 25% may have symptoms. In the present study total 20 patients were registered for Sandhivata and treated with Shallaki and Nirgundi Patra Pinda Sveda. Highly significant relief was found in the joint pain, morning stiffness, crepitus, prasaranapravriti and shramaasahyata. Therefore it is concluded that these both therapies are useful in (O.A) due to its, vedanasthapana, Sothahara, deepana, Pachana, grahi and vatahara effect.