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Clinical Study to Evaluate Efficacy of Bhunimbadi GhanVati and Shatavari Ghrita in the Management of Amlapitta w.s.r. to Nonulcer Dyspepsia

Priyanka Rai

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Whole world is witnessing a spurt in lifestyle diseases which can be mainly attributed to rapid industrialization and urbanization. The change in lifestyle has led to an unprecedented rise in the disorders of gastrointestinal system. Disease and sufferings have become fundamental attributes of human condition. Amlapitta is a disease attributed to faulty dietary habits as well as to stress and strain of life. “Hurry, Worry and Curry” are the main attributes of Amlapitta. Though in modern medicine, plenty of new drugs are available to manage non-ulcer dyspepsia but all the drugs provide only symptomatic relief and none of them possess curative potentials. As these drugs are required to be consumed for a longer duration, so a lot of untoward effects are also inevitable. Hence in order to overcome these issues present study was planned to explore the efficacy of two very simple, safe and cost-effective drugs, i.e., Bhunimbadi Ghan Vati and Shatavari Ghrita in the management of Amlapitta. In present clinical study, Shatavari Ghrita and Bhunimbadi Ghan Vati were given in patients of Amlapitta in one group and its effects were compared with a standard H2 blocker drug i.e., Ranitidine in other group. The effects of therapy in these two groups were then evaluated and compared.