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Pharmaceutico-Analytical Study and Standardization of Dhaturadalakatu Tailam

Somil Dubey and G. Rama Mohan Rao

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Dhatura (Dhaturametel) is a well-known drug for curing pain related with swelling of body parts. Rasatarangni has mentioned its external application in various forms for Vatavikaras, so as Bhavaprakasha1 in vatavyadhi. A snehapakakalpana is mentioned in Rasatarnagni with leaves of Dhatura(Dhaturametel) and katutaila(mustard oil) for Mamsagatavata(muscular dystrophy) as external application2 . Snehapāka was subjected according to the general rule of snehakalpanai.e in ratio of 1 part Kalka (fine paste of Dhaturametel leaves), 4 parts of Katutaila(Mustard oil) and 16 parts of water to that of kalka3 . It was to heat until the taila siddha laksanaswere obtained. After preparation of oil it was subjected for organolepticanalysis as mentioned in API Part II protocols. The results obtained were ash value .03%, loss of drying at 105°C w/w .02%, refractive index at 40°C 1.4665, acid value 1.81, saponification value 170.15, iodine value 104.66, and volatile matter 5.24% w/w as per API- II protocols.