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A Composite Overview on Safety, Quality Control and Standardization of Herbal Medicine

Mamata N. Ganorkar (Adhao) and Rajendra B. Urade

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Herbal medicines (phytotherapeuticagents) have reached extensive acceptability as therapeutic agent for several diseases like diabetics, liver diseases, cough remedies, memory enhancers. They are standardized herbal preparations consisting of complex mixtures of one or more plants in the crude or processed state.A marked growth in the worldwide phytotherapeutic market has occurred over last 25 years and has thus attracted the interest of most large pharmaceutical companies including the multinationals. But the idea that herbal drugs are safe and free from side effect is false. Plants contain hundreds of constituents and some of them are very toxic. It may be contaminated with excessive or banned pesticides,microbial contaminants, heavy metalsor adulterated. So the safety, quality control and standardization is major challenge. Standardization is an important step for the establishment of a consistent biological activity, a consistent chemical profile or simply quality assurance program for production and manufacturing of herbal drug. The paper illustrateSafety, Quality Control and various techniques employed for standardization of herbal medicine.