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An Analytical Study on Effect of Environmental Pollutants on Ricinus communis Linn. Root With Special Reference to Heavy Metal Concentration

Ambika Dhiman, S.K.Hiremath and G.M.Patil

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Environmental pollution and exposure to toxic material affects living and non-living organisms. Medicinal plants are most important source of life saving drugs for majority of population. Herbal medicines are consumed worldwide for the treatment of several diseases and such plants are an important source of raw material for pharmaceutical industries. Ricinus communis is one of the most important herbal plant used in treatment of various disorders like Gout, RA etc. That is why we need to brief about this plant. These premonitions have accelerated to do such type of study. Therefore, an attempt was made to analyze these heavy metals in Ricinus communis Linn. root and soil.