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Concept of Amla Avasthapaka w.s.r. to Metabolic Transformations

Madhavi Abasaheb Howal and E.E.Mojes

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Agni (Digestive fire),Prakruti (Constitution),Dhatusarata(Tissue Excellence),Dosha (BioEnergies) are the unique concept of Ayurveda & are extremely important in the Diagnosis, Treatment and hence in maintaining the health of an individual. The food consumed by the mouth undergoes the process of Digestion in order to achieve the nature of “Sharirbhava swarup.” The process of Digestion takes place in various stages and during every stage; there are changes in the composition of Aahar dravyas under the influence of the jatharagni which participate & regulate the course of Digestion and metabolism. These changes refer the Avasthapaka & vipaka. Kapha pitta and vata at three different levels of mahasrotas are enriched and supported by Madhur, Amla and Katu Avasthapaka respectively. After the Madhura Avasthapaka is completed ,the semidigested food descends to Pachyamanashaya & due to its admixture with amlabhava’s it becomes vidagdha and attains the acid taste. Pitta which is originally situated at this site get’s nourishment & support from this avasthapaka.