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Efficacy of Guduchi Oil Pichu in the Management Cervicitis: A Clinical Trial

Pradip Kinage and Mukta Sinha

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Women have their unique physiology like menstrual cycle, pregnancy, child birth etc. This physiological change makes her more prone to disorders like cervicitis. It is very common disease in women with any gynecological complaints.Cervicitis is an inflammatory condition of cervix producing signs and symptoms like annoying vaginal discharges, backache etc. In Ayurveda all the gynecological disorders are described under the broad heading of Yoni vyapada.Cervicitis can be put parallel with paripluta yoni vyapada. Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia) pacifies kapha &pitta and helps in reliving vaginal discharges and inflammation. Research studies have proved Guduchi as a potent anti-inflammatory drug. Having antiinflammatory property it helps to relieve backache, lower abdominal pain produced due to cervicitis. This study was based on clinical trial of Guduchi oil Pichu in cervicitis. Twenty patients fulfilling criteria of cervicitis were given Guduchi oil pichu for 21 days. Observations for relief in signs and symptoms were done in each follow-up. It was concluded that Pichu therapy is good for narrow passage and Guduchi oil pichu is effective in the management of cervicitis.