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Clinical Efficacy of Prachhana Karma with Negative Vacuum Pressure followed by Application of Gunja Beeja Lepa in the Management of Indralupta (Alopecia Areata): A Case Report

Satyam S. Supare and Pooja P Shrivastav

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Background: Indralupta is deliberated under Kshudraroga by most of the authors of classical Ayurvedic texts, in which there is a hair loss from some or all areas of the body usually from scalp, it shows one or more spot on the scalp. It is named as Alopecia areata in modern science. It is affecting psychological and communal status of a person. It accounts for 2-3% of the new dermatology cases in UK and USA, 3.8% in China, and 0.7% in India. Treatment available is corticosteroids (minoxidil, anthralin , topical imunotheorapy ,phototherapy ,salfasalazine etc.)1 in modern medicine but it has complications and limitations in chronic cases with longer use. Acharya Sushrut has preferred Upakramas like Raktamokshana, Prachhana, Lepaetc in the management of Indralupta. In order to evaluate the efficacy of Prachhana Karma and Gunjabeeja lepa in regeneration of hair in Indralupta, present study was conducted. Materials and Method: In this Case Report patient with Indralupta was treated with Prachhana karma and Gunjabeeja lepa application after all the mandatory investigations. Prachhana karma was done as per described in the classical text and negative vacuum pressure was created over the prachhita area followed by Gunjabeeja lepa application after every five days upto one month. Results: Significant result was observed in the clinical parameters with visuals. Conclusion: From the above study it is concluded that Prachhana karma followed by Gunjabeejlepa helps in the regrowth of hairs. So there is scope for further study on large sample size.