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Recommendation to Prevent and Control Type-II Diabetes through Ayurvedic Principles

Dhananjay V. Patel

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The World Diabetes Foundation expects 80% of new cases emerge in the developing world, as a result of increased urbanization, sedentary and stressful lifestyles. The response to faulty lifestyle and disturbed psychological conditions varies person to person because each has different bodily and psychic constitution. However, these factors play certain role in the development, progression, prognosis and treatment of disease. The faulty life-style affects one’s mind and homeostasis of body by several psychosomatic mechanisms. Many life style disorders are wing sprouted-up with genetic disposition. Type-2 diabetes is one of such diseases, which is adversely affected by the unwholesome diet, fast & stressful life style with sedentary habits. The following of Ayurvedic principals of Ashta Aaharvidhi Vishesha Ayatanani, Dinacharya, Rutucharya, Achara Rasayana, and Sadavrita can be an appropriate answer to inhibit this life style disorder. Therefore, in the present review article, attempt has been made for recommendation to follow Ayurveda principal related to diet and life style for prevention and control of type-II Diabetes in India and globally.