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A Case Study: Role of Vamana, Langhana and Pachana in Anaha

Tripti Lokesh and Amarnath Shukla

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Hridyastambhata (tightness in chest), Shiroshool (headache), Shirogauravta(heaviness in head) and Pinasa with Udgarasanga(belch not able to come out) are all caused due to Aam Dosha (improper formed end products of digestion) producing Anaha(Flatus). Acharaya Charaka has given its treatment as Vamana (emesis), Langhana (modes of producing lightness in body) and Pachana (Digestive drugs). A patient aged 45 yrs. with chief complaint of headache was given treatment of Anaha with complete Deepan Pachana and Langhana followed by Snehpana for 5 days as per Samayak Sudhi Lakshana (proper signs and symptoms of internal oleation). Then his Vamana Karma was done with Samsarjana Krama (post-operative diet) of Pravara Sudhi (maximum cleansing). Patient reported free of his ailment even after one month.