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A Review on Fundamental Principles of Varmam – An Ancient Siddha Medical Science

S. Sugunthan1 *, R. Shailaja2 and M. Mohamed Musthafa

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Varmam is the special branch of Siddha Medical system still in practice in Southern parts of Tamil Nadu, especially, in Kanya Kumari and in Southern parts of Kerala. The systematic study of varmam energy in the application of martial arts and therapeutic usage is called as Varmakalai. This medical science had been developed by Tamil Siddhas from ancient times and being transferred to generations through oral tradition, palm leaf and paper manuscripts. Varmam points are bio-energetic sites through which subtle vital energy flows and aid physiological functions of the body. These points are located in the junctions of nerves, naadis, muscle and bones. This review brings out the history, classification of varmam, physiological action and pathological aspects of varmam, its relation with bio-energy transmitter pathways (naadi), angular energy connections(Kona nilai) and the application of this art in therapeutics. It plays a promising role in reviving a person from unconscious state, instant pain management in neuromusculo-skeletal diseases and also in other ailments. The datas were collected from traditional paper manuscripts and printed books.