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Role of Prapaundarikadi Tailam Abhyangam (Massage) in Hypertension

Tripti Lokesh and Amarnath Shukla

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Hypertension is becoming common ailment nowadays. Hypertensive patients are becoming dependent upon anti-hypertensive drugs. But these drugs are controlling blood pressure not uprooting it. In Ayurveda hypertension can be correlated with vitiated Vata Dosha along with Pita Dosha or Kapha Dosha. Dhatu affected may be Rasa, Rakta or Meda Dhatu. Vata can be considered as basic Dosha in hypertension. A case study was done on hypertensive patient to assess role of Abhyangam of Prapaundrikadi Tailam to cure hypertension. Prapaundrikadi Tailam was chosen as it can control both Vata-Pita. Patient was having hypertension for nearly five years. He was given Abhyangam of whole body for one month during evening time. It resulted into controlled heart rate, blood pressure and sound sleep.