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Antimicrobial Studies of Rasaushadhies (Herbomineral Preparations): A Review

Sushma Dongre and Priya Bhagat

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Ayurved Rasaushadhies (Herbomineral preparations) are immerging now a days due to its ultimate therapeutic properties on acute and chronic disorders. Microbial infections is an acute condition which needs quick treatment in the form of different Antimicrobial agent. Due to increasing irrelevant use of antibiotic and increasing susceptibility of microorganism to antimicrobial agents, there are increasing numbers of drug resistance cases in most of developing countries. So there is urgent need to develop a new antimicrobial agent which is based on targeted drug delivery system. Ayurvedic Bhasma (Incinerated minerals)Preparation are proven antimicrobial agents in various infectious diseases since ancient times but it requires to prove on modern ground as an efficient and effective antimicrobial agents by repeated antimicrobial studies. These Bhasma contain nano particles which could help to explore target base drug delivery system with less or no side effects along with immunomodulatory benefit. Presently various researches studies on antimicrobial properties of Bhasma are carried out to prove its antimicrobial potential. Present paper aimed to review these studies. Antimicrobial studies on Yashad Bhasma,Tambra Bhasma, Hartal and Hartalgodanti Bhasma, Tuttha Bhasma, Suvarnamakshik Bhasma, Sphatica Bhasma and Rasaka Bhasma are included in the present study noted remarkable result against various gram positive and gram negative bacteria against standard antibiotics. Those Bhasmas which have proven Jantughna (Antihelminthic) and Krimighna (Antimicrobials) property needs repeated studies on different species of bacteria and fungi in order to get such antimicrobial agents which do not develop resistance having less or no side effect.