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A Clinical Study on Role of Singhnada Guggulu, Guduchi and Sanshodhan Karma in Cases of Vatashonita w.s.r. to Gouty Arthritis

Richa Garg

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Aim: To evaluate the comparative efficacy of Sanshaman regimen with or without Sanshoodhan in cases of Vatashonita. Introduction: Present day joint disorders are becoming a burning problem in society which causes disability of a person as well as nation, Vatashonita(i.e. Gouty arthritis) is common among them.. Settings and Design: For the present clinical study 44 patients were selected, however the therapeutical assessment was done on 40 patients. The patients having i.e. Pain, Swelling and tenderness in Joints, Stiffness/Restricted movements of Joints with or without Burning sensation & discoluration of the skin of affected Joints and patients with increased serum uric acid were selected for present clinical study. Materials and method: All patients were divided in two groups -Group-A- 22 patients were kept only on Shaman regimen. Singhnada Guggulu – 1 gm BD/ day for a period of 4 month and Guduchi Kwath– 40 ml twice daily.Group-B- 18 patients were kept on Sanshodhanoprant Shanshman regimen. (a) Snehpan – (Guduchiadi taila) for 3-5 days. (b) Virechana – with Virechana kalp yoga. (c) Vasti karma –A series of 9 Vasti were given to patient, 6Anuvasana & 3Niruha Vasti . Statistical analysis used: p value, paired ‘t’ test, unpaired ‘t’ test, χ 2 etc.Results: The trial drugs shows a significant results in terms of improvement in clinical & pathological parameters and no any side effect has been observed. Conclusion:Sanshodhanoprant Sanshaman group had shown better results than Sanshaman group, so it’s suggested that Sanshodhan chikitsa prior to taking Sanshaman chikitsa is of great importance.