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Impact of Samskara on Guduchi and Guduchi Ghanavati

Pooja Badani, Hitesh Vyas, Harisha CR, and VJ Shukla

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Tinosporacordifolia (willd) Miers. belongs to the family-Menispermacae commonly known as Guduchi, Chakralakshanika or Amruta is important drug of Indian medicine. It is perennial climber found throughout tropical India, used in form of Swarasa, decoction, Vati, Sattva etc. The Guduchi is useful in fever, diabetes, dyspepsia, skin disease, jaundice, heart disease, urinary problem, helmenthiasis and gout in different form like powder , ghanavati etc. Potency and action of single drug are changed in different conditions and states. In the present study Guduchi is evaluated pharmacognostically in three forms to study the action of Sanskara i.e., fresh, dried powder and Ghanavati. Results show that the cellular constituents are normal in fresh condition but after Sanskara disturbed walls of cork cells, wide lumened fibres, disturbed walls of collenchymas cells etc. are observed.