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Role of Madhura Rasa on Shareera

Sreelekshmi G, Bhupesh Kumar Parihar and KulkarniPratibha

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The nutritive value of Ahara Rasa depends upon the type of food we consume. Body is considered as the product of Ahara(Food). It is transported through the Annavahasrotas through which it undergoes physical and chemical changes under the action of Agni and later does the DhatuposhanaKarma. If the diet includes all the Shadrasa, we can consider it as a balanced diet, which is necessary for the development of Bala(Strength) and Vyadhikshamatva(Immunity). We can include Carbohydrates, Proteins,Vitamins and Minerals under the concept of ShadaRasa. An unbalanced Ahara leads to malnutrition. An increase in the quantity or quality of Ahararasa leads to several disorders, even toxicity, like Hypervitaminosis and so on. Similarly, decrease in the quantity or quality of Aharaleads to under nourishment. Each Rasa has specific actions on different Dhatus. We can analyze these Rasa through the various Lakshana (Symptoms) it produces in the Shareera, due to the presence of Panchamahabhoota and Guna they carries. Here, an attempt has been made to analyze the action of Madhura rasa on Shareera based on their various Guna.