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Role of Til-Kalka Pichchaabasti in Parikartika - A Case Study

Tikeshwar Karanjekar, Anubhuti P. Manwar, Mitesh B. Chauhan, Subhash Y. Raut and Arun M. Lakhapati

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Fissure-in ano is a very common and painful condition. It occurs most commonly in the midline posteriorly, the least protected part of anal- canal. Occurrence rate of posterior to anterior in males is 90:10 and in females 60:40. Common aetiological factors are constipation, sphincter spasm, anal stricture, hard stool etc. In todays era it is mainly a lifestyle disorder. In Ayurveda, it resembles with Parikartika (S.Chi.34/3). It is one of koshthagat-vyadhi with vat-pitta pathology (S. Chi.34/16). In classical texts of Ayurveda Acharya emphasize pichchaabasti in the treatment of Parikartika (S.Chi.34/16). Specially mentioned yog as Madhu-Ghrit-Mulethi-Krishnatil kalka in pichchaabasti was used. This yog acts with its laxative and healing property in fissure-in-ano. It also gives significant symptomatic improvement to the patient. Therefore, we conclude that use of Piccha Basti is good alternative therapy for fissure in ano.