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Role of Vaman Karma and Guduchyadi Kwath in the Management of Urdhavaga Amlapitta

Vrinda P. Kadu, Shrikant Wamanrao Mude and Mrunalini Dilip Gundre

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Improper living style and faulty diet habits lead to imbalance of the body elements vata, pitta and kapha and thus various disorders may occur. Acharya Charaka and Kashyapa have clearly indicated that the Grahani Dosha and Amlapitta occur in persons who could not check the temptation of food. Ayurveda provides complete cure of disease through three treatment principles Nidanparivarjana, Shaman and Shodhanchikitsa. This study was planned to evaluate the effect of Guduchyadi Kwatha after Vamana Karma in Amlapitta. Total 20 patients attending the O.P.D. and I.P.D. of R.A. Podar Ayurvedic Hospital, Mumbai were selected. After Classical Vamana Karma drug Guduchyadi Kwath was given for 12 weeks. Significant improvement was observed in symptoms of Amlapitta in which Vamana was followed by Guduchyadi Kwatha also a significant improvement was observed in Gastroscopy reports after treatment. Vamanottar Guduchyadi Kwatha reduces Gastroscopic changes markedly.