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Efficacy of Matra Basti and Medhya Rasayana in the Management of Klaibya Roga

Nilesh Bhatt, Anup Thakar, V.D.Shukla, Shital Bhagiya and Mayank Bhatkoti

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Background: Vata is life, vitality, supporter of all embodied beings and is universal. Unimpaired status of Vata brings longer and disease free life by regulating its five sub types. Vata is responsible for all the Chesta, particularly of the Indriyas i.e., DashaIndriya and Mana. Vata has significant role in regulation of physical and psychological equations and in Klaibya, Vata stands in prime position. The chief factors causing the condition Klaibya are Vata, Sattva, Dhatukshaya in general and Shukra Kshaya in particular, Shukravaha Srotodushti and Marmabhighata. Considering the various factors involved in the pathogenesis of Klaibya, specifically the aggravated Vata causing stimulation and lack of control of Manasa, Matra Basti was selected. Medhya Rasayana was selected for its availability and having their definite action over central nervous system and higher mental functions. The selected drugs do not have any direct effect on Shukravaha Srotas. To see the effect of Manosamvardhana Chikitsa, Placebo was also given to the patients. Study was aimed to compare the effect of both drugs like Medhya Rasayana Churna and Bala Taila Matra Basti in the management of Klaibya. Therefore, the total patient of Klaibya was divided into four groups. Among them Medhya Rasayan Churna with Matra Basti group provided better result in almost all parameters of Klaibya.