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Review on Tila Taila along with Physico Chemical Analysis

Deepanjali Bora and Niten Barman

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In Ayurvedic literature, when we say taila, then it means only tila taila. Varied descriptions are available in the texts. Its importance is mentioned in many places owing to its uses in many different ways. The whole plant body can be made useful, like the leaves are used as good hair washing products, seeds as digestive, laxative, useful in haemorrhoids. Tila in the form of oil can be used in vasti karmas, as nasya and also as eatables. It also possess doshahara action. Taila, is mentioned in the classics as an alleviator of vata dosha. It is even said that there is no other medication better than taila which can cure the vatika disorders. In the present article, the review and physico chemical analysis of tila taila is done. Along with the reviews collected from various sources, the physico chemical analysis of tila taila will provide more accurate data for its use in the treatment purpose.