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Conceptual Study on the Role of Virechana in Pakwashayagata Kupita Vata

Nirmal Bhusal and Santosh Kumar Bhatted

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pakwashayagata Kupita Vata is a condition of provoked Vata in Pakwashaya i.e., colon. Aggravation of Pakwashayagata Vayu gives rise to Antrakujana (rumbling sound in the intestine), Sula (colic pain), Atopa (tympanites), Kricha Mutra Purisha (dysuria, constipation), Anaha (flatulence), Trikapradeshi Vedana (pain in the lumber region). The numbers of Vata Vyadhis are increasing as people give least importance to proper physical, mental exercises and food habits. The symptoms of Pakwashayagata kupita Vata are found in many patients alone or associated with other complains. Proper management of Pakwashayagata Kupita Vata is very important to normalize the Vata and prevent from further progress of the disease. When Vata is aggravated in Pakwashaya which is particularly Vata Sthana itself, Udavartahara treatment, which is nothing other than Vatanulaomana, Vasti, Varti etc are selected. Sneha virechana is indicated for the management of Pakwashayagata Kupita Vata may help in the elimination of morbid material and produce beneficial effects. Sneha Virechana is the best option for the safe and effective management of Pakwashayagata Kupiata Vata.