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Study of Job Status and Education of Women in Iran

Mohammad Reza Iravani and Mina Arvaneh

Journal Title:International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS)

Traditionally girls and women in Iran have been in a disadvantageous position with reference to education and employment as elsewhere in the world. But some of the factors, such as the initiative taken during the reign of the Shah and the post-Revolution reforms have had mixed impact on the education of women in the Iran. While enrolment of girls and women in education recorded increase over the years, the nature of education remained more or less unfavourable to women. Education after the Islamic Revolution has been used to promote the values of Islam, and to construct the ideals of motherhood and wifehood. Similarly, equality in employment outside home in terms of both the types of occupations and remuneration has remained a goal still to be achieved. Both traditional values, and the types and levels of education really open to them have contributed to this situation of womens employment in Iran