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Outbreak of Novel Corona Virus in India: Lethal Pandemic

Ankita Awasthi and Sangeeta Avasthi

Journal Title:Acta Scientific Agriculture

According to World Health Organization virus diseases still to emerge and represent a significant issue to public health. In De-cember 2019, a pneumonia outbreak was reported in Wuhan, China. This outbreak was traced to a completely unique strain of coronavirus. COVID-19 is a communicable disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus. This new virus seems to be very contagious and has quickly spread globally. As of April 03, 2020, there have been a minimum of 52,869 confirmed death and quite 10,10,066 confirmed cases within the corona virus pandemic. Lockdown, curfews, massive airport screening, quarantines and social distancing became the norms across the world. At an equiv-alent time, scientists round the world work tirelessly and knowl-edge about the transmission mechanism, the clinical spectrum of disease, new diagnostics and prevention and therapeutic strate-gies are rapidly developing