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A Pilot Study on Concept of Karnya: A Literary Review

Gamlath NWGND, Kumara GUA and Wickramarachchi WJ

Journal Title:International Journal of Ayurveda and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The ear is one of the seats of sense organs and it has two main functions. First, to sense hearing and secondly to sense the equilibrium and motion of the body. Ear is also known as Śabdēndriya (organ of sound perception). The ear is originated by the Ākāśabhūtais.According to Suśrutha Samhitha there are 28 types of Karna Rogas. Authentic classics have mentioned lot of drug recipes for the management of all kind of ear diseases. Principles of Karna Roga Cikitsa are further divided into two parts viz., external and internal. External treatments are also known as Karna Kriya Kalpa and internaltreatments are drinking Ghee8 and Rasāyana (Rejuvenation therapy). The purpose of this review is to study properties of herbal drugs which were mentioned in main Ayurveda classics for the treatments of Karna Roga and to get an idea about the term Karnya. Among all the authentic classics Vrudattraya, Laghuttraya (except MādawaNidana), Chakkradatta, BhaisajyaRatnāvali and Yōgaratnākara were selected for this reviewand only herbal drugs mentioned in these classics were selected. Most of the herbal drugs mentioned were isolated and identified with respect to their properties such as Panchapadārta and DōśaKarma. According to the findings 67.85% drugs were KatuRasa, 50.0% drugs were TiktaRasa and 42.85% drugs were MadhuraRasa. Selected drugs contain 46.42% Laghu Guna and 50.0% Guru Guna. Uśna Virya is 66.66%. KatuVipāka 67.85% and Kapha Vāta sāmaka 74.07%. According to the reference Karnya has been defined as “suitable to the ear”. Therefore drugs which are used in Karna Roga (Karnya Dravya) should have above properties. It can be concluded that Karnya is a term used to describe Karnya Dravya belonging above properties.