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Simplification of Arithmetic and Variable Script in Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

Danial Kafi Ahmad

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Programming had become as one of the vital skills required in Computer Science, Information Technology, Space Science, Engineering and their related field. This could be seen through the computing industry specifically in the software development area whereby a software based systems were developed in order to perform or cater a specific task by mean of automation, and this will require a developer to deploy their programming skills, ability and experience in order to develop the system. Despite of the functioning software system, their efficiency also take place as one of the important factor which contribute to the quality of the software produced. In this research, a few lines of code which comprise of variables, arithmetic operator as well as their operands of Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) were developed and were simplified into a single line of code. The simplified versions of code were able to perform the similar computation as to the initial design. In addition, the single line of code is assumed to be more efficient than code of few lines.