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Normalization process of cardiac operations in COVID-19 pandemic    

Orhan Gökalp Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Izmir Katip Çelebi University, Faculty of Medicine, Izmir, Turkey  

Journal Title:Cardiovascular Surgery and Interventions

The severe acute respiratory syndromecoronavirus- 2 (SARS-CoV-2; COVID-19), which was first identified in Wuhan province of China in the late December 2019, has infected approximately 3,700,000 individuals worldwide and more than 250,000 deaths have been reported until the first quarter of May 2020.[1] The level of danger for the modern world’s healthcare system is revealed, when the possibility of undiagnosed cases, multiple times more than reported numbers, is considered. As a result of this catastrophic scenario, healthcare systems have been reorganized all over the world. The most widely adopted practice is to prioritize COVID-19 patients in all healthcare units and to postpone all diagnose and treatment procedures to a reasonable future date, unless it is urgent or indispensable. The effect of delay in diagnosis and treatment on patients other that those with COVID-19 is a totally different subject of debate on this kind of practice. Nevertheless, we can briefly state that the whole world has to face with this effect of the temporary, but the de novo healthcare system.