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Anwar Ali Jamali

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Corona virus –A Real Danger Alarm in Pakistan. Anwar Ali Jamali Viral infections are common all over the world. Sometimes they results in out breaks leading to high morbidities and mortalities. Currently in world the infection of corona virus had created a panic situation all over the world targeting the different countries of the world.  China is the main victim of corona virus. Now the countries of world are left china cases behind. At present most of the world countries are affected by corona virus outbreaks, only the valid management options are prevention and precautionary measurements up to now. No current effective treatment is being approved by FDA, only supportive therapy is there and hypothesis based therapies are there. Nowadays it is major killer of human beings as claimed all over the world and Pakistan. Number of patients is increasing day by day here. Social distance is fail here. If we had not adopted the prevention and precaution protocol definitely there will be an unmanageable dangerous situation. At last water will be beyond the human heads. In parallel to rest of world this panic situation had been alarmed in Pakistan because many peoples of Pakistan are working, studding in different areas of china. This virus can be easily transmitted so the persons who travel from the phobia of corona virus may carry or transmit viruses to different countries.