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Changing trends in facility based deliveries at basic health units after People Primary Healthcare Initiative in Taluka Sinjhoro, District Sanghar: A descriptive study.  

Aftab Ahmed1 , Hanna khan tunio2, Mohammad Bilal3, Salma4, Faiqa Memon5, Saba Leeza Mangi6  

Journal Title:

ABSTRACT: The maternal morbidity and mortality and neonatal morbidity and mortality are important health indicators for assessing the health status of a country. Pakistan is having a high maternal mortality and child mortality rate and our country is unlikely to achieve Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 4 and 5, which are linked with child health and maternal health respectively. Rationale: This study will generate evidence regarding benefits of involving the private sector in provision of health services at very first Primary Health Care level and how facility based deliveries will be an effective way of decreasing the maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. Aim: is to improve overall health status of child bearing women of Taluka Sinjhoro. Objectives i) To determine the trends of facility based deliveries before and after PPHI ii) To do the secondary data analysis of the BHUs in terms of facility based deliveries. Study variables: i) Type of delivery ii) age of delivering women frequency of deliveries, iii) Status of human resource available in BHU’s regarding facility based deliveries, iv) referral system. Results: There is an increase in the number of facility based deliveries at BHUs after charge over by PPHI.  20% females were under 18, 52% were between 19-24, 23% were between 25-30 and 5% were above 30 years. Rukan Buriro. 61% of women were presenting for first time at BHU Rukan Buriro while 39% women were presenting for second time. Conclusion: The study yielded a lot of valuable information and gave a picture of the existing situation. It was found that the Peoples Primary Health Initiative had a very positive impact on the facility based deliveries at these basic health units and the involvement of PPHI has created a positive trend not only at the basic health units but also in the minds of the local community and it has changed their past concepts regarding the facility based deliveries. Key words: basic health units, Sanghar, Primary Healthcare, maternal morbidity, neonatal morbidity, health indicators.