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Management of Infected Non-union Fractures of Tibia by Ilizarov External Fixator; Outcome & Complications  

Muhammad Faraz Jokhio1, Zameer Hussain Tunio 2, Kishore Kumar3, Muhammad Azeem Akhund4, Zameer Abbasi5 Nazar Hussain Shah6  

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Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Infected nonunion of tibial fractures is common and its management is challenging for orthopedic surgeons. Ilizarov external fixator is widely used for its management as it provides a stable mechanical environment encouraging union by infection removal and bone transport. The point of this examination was to decide the result and related complexities of patients treated with Ilizarov outer fixator for non-joined cracks of tibia muddled by contamination. Methodology: A retrospective assessment of medical records of the subjects they undergo treatment of non-united fractures of tibia by Ilizarov methods between January 2015 till December 2019 was undertaken. Patients of either age and gender having non-union tibia fracture for a 06 months period of or more & having contamination at the location of non-union were included. The Association for Study and Application of Methods of Ilizarov (ASAMI) criteria was used for assessing the utilitarian result just as bone outcomes. RESULTS: Total 48 subjects were incorporated in this resarch. Mean age of the patients was 33.50 ± 9.33 years. Total 43 (89.6%) were males and 5 (10.4%) were females. Mean bone transport time, mean external fixation time, mean external fixation index and mean bone defect w+ere 80.18 ± 32.48 days, 11.6 ± 3.91 months, 77.41 ± 26.72 days/cm and 5.06 ± 1.53 cm respectively. According to ASAMI criteria, bone results were found to be excellent in 27 (56.3%), good in 11 (22.9%), fair in 6 (12.5%) and poor in 4 (8.3%). Functional outcomes were found to be excellent in 30 (62.5%), good in 11 (22.9%), fair in 4 (8.3%) and poor in 3 (6.3%).CONCLUSION: Ilizarov external fixator method is effective in management of infected nonunion by providing a stable mechanical environment encouraging bone transport. KEY WORDS: Ilizarov apparatus, infected nonunion of tibia, tibia nonunited fracture