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Using LabVIEW: Simulation Exciter of Devices Jamming

Elan Djaelani; Nina Siti Aminah; Ridodi Anantaprama

Journal Title:International Journal of Basic and Applied Science (IJBAS)

It has been made exciter of devices jamming, by using component voltage controled oscilator (vco). It has been done measurements: signal noise,signal sawtooth and level DC voltage at those signals. Being wanted those devices jamming could be raised its performance. With helping software LabVIEW being made exciter. Result Simulation are graphic and table relation between input exciter and its output. Input exciter are: signal sawtooth, signal noise and level DC voltage that could be changing its amplitude. Output exciter are frequency RF, sweeping from frequency f1 to f2 with frequency medium f0. Result simulation could be used for development device jamming