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miRNA let-7b inhibitors by treatment of diabetic retinopathy: evaluation patent US2019093106

Martín Pérez-Santos

Journal Title:Alianzas y Tendencias BUAP

Introduction: diabetic retinopathy is a clinical complication that affects to a 93 million people suffering from diabetes and is responsible for more hospitalizations than any other complication of diabetes. Authors of US2019093106 patent propose a method for treatment of diabetic retinopathy. Areas covered: US2019093106 describes a method that consists of the administration of inhibitor of miRNA let-7b, in patients with diabetic retinopathy; additionally describe a method to inhibiting the effects of increased levels or activity of miRNA let-7b. Expert opinion: The results pre-clinical trials support the therapy’s efficacy; however, the invention is not new considering art state, whereby, new studies will be necessary to determine other administration routes, e.g. topical, dose and time of administration.