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Role of Syzygium Jambolanum Q in Type II Diabetes Mellitus  

Pranesh Kumar Singh1, Poonam Singh1

Journal Title:Tantia University Journal of Homoeopathy and Medical Science

Diabetes is most common problem now a days in developing country. Incidence of Type II Diabetes Mellitus increses day by day. Diabetes mellitus is a life style releted disorder. Aim of the study was Utility of Syzygium Jambolanum Q in case of Type II Diabetes Mellitus. Methods- The study was conducted at Sri Gnaganagar Homoeopathic Medical college  Hospital and Research Institute Sri Ganganagar. Study design was interventional trial without control. In this study total 30 cases of type II Diabetes mellitus were treated according to various criteria mentioned in methedology. Sample were selected by simple ramdom sampling method. Paired T test use for stastical analysis. Result- Out of 30 cases studied, 18 were male and 12 were females. The average age of patient were 55.96 ±5.5 years and the majority of patient between age group 50-60 years. After Pre and Post stastical analysis show that after taking the Syzijium Jambolanum Q the Fasting and Post Prondialblood sugar level decreses that was significant. Syzygium Jambolanum Q show cahnge in Fasting blood sugar level (Mean±SD) 147.83 ±15.54 to 100.43 ± 14.23 mg/dl, Post Prandial Blood Sugar Level (Mean±SD) 235.33 ±19.25 to 149.93 ± 15.37 mg/dl. Conclusion- This study was an attempt to evaluate the effect of Syzygium Jambolanum Q on FBS and PPBS with apropriate satstical analysis. Key word- Type II Diabetes Mellitus, Homoeopathy, FBS, PPBS, Insuline, CAM.