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Support Vector Machine (SVM) for Medical Image Classification of Tumorous

Reem Alrais; Nazar Elfadil

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

Cancer has become a leading cause of death worldwide. To deal with medical images to discover tumors and their types, Authors need a distinct experience in understanding medical images. Authors need machine learning techniques to reach great accuracy and speed to analyse these images to avoid a lack of experience or errors. In this paper, Authors will study a (SVM) of machine learning techniques used to classify brain images. SVM will be used in this paper to analyse brain images and discover Benign Tumor and Malignant tumor by using Matlab software. The results of the experiments conducted showed the accuracy of the system provided for the classification of tumor types (Benign, Malignant) found in medical brain images. Authors will adhere in this research that the images to be classified are limited by the presence of only two types of tumors. In the future, some pre-processing procedures will be added to the brain's medical images prior to the classification process.