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Measuring Cyber Security Awareness of Students: A Case Study at Fahad Bin Sultan University

Wejdan Aljohani; Nazar Elfadil

Journal Title:International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing - IJCSMC

In this research paper authors designed questionnaire instrument to measure the current level of cyber security awareness (CSA) among Fahad Bin Sultan University (FBSU) students. The questionnaire is designed to fulfil the goals of this research project aims and objectives. The main goal of this paper aims to evaluate the level of cyber security awareness among FBSU students. Furthermore, cyber security students' awareness level questionnaire is adapted from few other cyber security awareness related questionnaires. A total of 212 students have participated in the survey. The study findings show that the students' awareness is in an average level and there is no difference in cyber security awareness level between male and female students. Furthermore, survey instrument's results indicate that the module has been effective in measuring students' awareness.