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The Impact of the Ambient Conditions on the Desire to Stay for the Elderly in 3D Virtual Store

Liu CL

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Virtual environments (VEs) technology applied in web shops provided a 3D perspective to customers for more real sense on goods and shopping environment. A sense of presence is one of the critical components required by any effective VEs. However, previous studies on cognitive aging have found that certain aspects of human informationprocessing abilities are negatively correlated with age. Therefore, when the quality of ambient condition is good, whether the perceptual confliction for the elderly will be less to influence the feeling of presence or not? An experiment addressed presence, and performance of 3D virtual store in the elderly participation with autostereoscopic, stereoscopic and monocular display in good/poor ambient condition. Results showed that 3D virtual store via auto-stereoscopic display with high quality ambient condition will produce good sense and realism in stereopsis, and high desire to stay. However, the response time of objects-searching with 3D displays was longer than monocular display.