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The Violence Risk's Management and the Competent Act of Nursing Technicians

Mendes DP* and Cunha DM

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

The article aims to show the work of nursing technicians in psychiatric patient care in a crisis care unit, revealing the difficulties found and the strategies built to meet the operational needs for the development of actions of assistance, competence and the construction of workers' health. The methodological approach used was based on the Ergonomic Work´ Analysis - EWA and Ergology whose sample was composed of 17 professionals, auxiliaries and nursing technicians, from an emergency sector of a public psychiatric hospital. The results revealed structural changes with the consequent impact on care: A) Regarding the organization of the psychiatric care network, two main inferring factors were evidenced: 1) The distance between the organization of psychiatric care advocated by the Psychiatric Reform and the actual structure and organization of the system; 2) Social transformations carry significant changes in the profile of patients; B) Norms´ conflicts originated in the debates between Psychiatry and Mental Health; C) Collective settings in the daily care and skills of the nursing technician. As conclusion, it can be affirmed that the competent action of nursing technicians, anchored in teamwork, is central to the risks´ management in the analyzed context.