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Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment for Demolition Processes in Construction

Mučenski V*, Kecman N, Peško I, Bibić D, Vujkov A and Velkovski T

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Construction is one of the most diverse industry sectors in terms of the possibility of injuring and endangering the health of workers. The increasing number of incidents on the construction site and their severity require additional emphasis on the development of the workplace safety plan and program. Therefore, before opening the construction site in order to assess the risk and analysis the safety it is necessary to determine safety hazards that may occur. In this paper, from the aspect of facilities demolition for characteristic workplaces, the Matrix 3x3 method, AUVA and FMECA method were applied. The risk assessment was carried out for three construction sites and three characteristic workplaces, the construction site manager, the machine operator and the labourer. Applied methods were analysed in order to determine their sensitivity on increased and unacceptable levels of risks.