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Associations between Sitting Time and Musculoskeletal Pain in Different Body Regions among Workers According to Blue and White Collars

Moreira-Silva I* and Mota J

Journal Title:Ergonomics International Journal

Objectives: To investigate the association between sitting time (daily total, and occupational and leisure-time periods) and musculoskeletal pain in different body regions among workers by blue-collar and white. Methods: The sample comprised 205 workers. Musculoskeletal pain and related symptoms was assessed with the Nordic Questionnaire of Osteoarticular Symptoms, and the sitting time was assessed with IPAQ – Short Version. The association of sitting time and musculoskeletal pain and related symptoms was analyzed with logistic regression, adjusted for BMI, age, gender and Moderate to Vigorous Physical activity. Results: The white collars participants had lower level of moderate to vigorous Physical Activity than Blue collars. The participants were more likely to have less musculoskeletal pain and related symptoms in the ankles/feets with higher sitting time (odds ratio [OR] = 0.995, p = .032). Conclusion: Sitting time is negatively associated with musculoskeletal pain in the ankles/feets intensity only among white collars workers. Future studies using a prospective design with objective measures of sitting time are recommended. Our results emphasize the need of worksite interventions to prevent musculoskeletal pain and related symptoms.